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homeInstagrammass story viewing

homeInstagrammass story viewing

Instagram Mass story views (masslooking)


  • Monthly subscription
  • Profile analysis
  • Determining the target audience
  • Selecting locations for promotion
  • Up to 500 000 stories views per day

  • Monthly subscription
  • Profile analysis
  • Determining the target audience
  • lecting hashtags for promotion
  • Up to 1 000 000 stories views per day

  • Monthly subscription
  • Profile analysis
  • Determining the target audience
  • Selecting profiles for promotion
  • Up to 2 000 000 stories views per day

what we offer

Huge reach and return

Perhaps, you’ve seen in your story statistics that they’ve been viewed by people you don’t know. Naturally, you got curious and visited their pages even if you didn’t really like these people. Perhaps, you don’t do that, but many people check who views their stories several times per hour and know by name each one who does it.

Instagram masslooking (Mass story views)

It’s quite interesting, isn’t it? Especially if there are hundreds of thousands of these visits. Even if they don’t follow you, they’ll like or comment a post of yours.

If you set the system and manage your profile correctly, the efficiency of this promotion method is off the charts.

Geo-targeting promotion

Our analysts will choose the right audience for your promotion, which won’t be far from you (of your posts or your business). It will make the audience as effective and as interested as it can be. By doing so, the promotion will only affect the users who are not far from you.

Instagram masslooking (Mass story views)

You won’t have to look after or manage anything. Our analysts will do everything themselves.

Geo-targeting promotion is especially effective if you need to promote a local business, meet new people, or even find your neighbors.

hashtag promotion

Our analysts will choose the right hashtags for your promotion, which they’ll use to promote you. Hashtags are chosen very thoroughly. They are personalized for the maximum efficiency.

Instagram masslooking (Mass story views)

If a hashtag turns out to be not as effective as we thought, then our specialists will choose another one. That way, you can be assured that your profile will be promoted as efficiently as possible.

Hashtag promotion is especially effective, if you are not attached to a particular location, and your potential audience is quite vast.

Target promotion

Our analysts will choose the right profiles for your promotion. These profiles are “donor-accounts”, which are related to your offer and audience. If you choose this “donor-account” correctly, then the size of your potential audience may be huge.

Instagram masslooking (Mass story views)

By viewing the stories of people who follow similar to yours accounts, these people will be more likely to react to your posts and follow you.

It is a very efficient way of promotion for creative profiles with unique offers or nice-looking layout.
how it works
Instagram masslooking (Mass story views)

You view stories

story views will be done at a very high speed: up to 2 000 000 views per day, it’s about 60 million a month.

Instagram masslooking (Mass story views)

User notices you

Most Instagram users check people who view their stories.

Instagram masslooking (Mass story views)

User visits your profile

As a user doesn’t know you, they’d like to know who you are and why you visited their page, they’ll visit your profile.

Instagram masslooking (Mass story views)

User reacts

If your profile is somewhat interesting to a new visitor, they’ll react to your attention and do something in return.

Instagram masslooking (Mass story views)


As a result, your profile activity becomes organic, and you bring into thousands of real users.

for who


Helps grow the audience and significantly increase activity.


Helps find new clients and breathe life into the profile.


Helps become viral and make a name for itself.


Helps to present it in the best light and reach thousands of clients.
completion time
1day.Analysis, selecting profiles for promotion.
2day.Analysis, profile promotion launch.
our clients
why us


personalized work on every profile. no templates. effective promotion plan specifically for you.



if you don’t see results by the end of the month, we’ll refund you your money.



we’ve successfully completed more than 1,000,000 projects for clients from the US, China, India, Japan, etc.