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Buy Line Promotion Services

Benefits of Buying Line Promotion Services for Your Business

Line messenger is widely used by over 220 million people across 50 countries, with its largest user base residing in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan, comprising approximately 180 million users. Impressively, in Japan, this app is installed on 88% of devices, showcasing its popularity.

The messenger offers paid subscriptions and attracts at least 7 million individuals with disposable income. These users are willing to make non-essential purchases when presented with suitable goods or services. To capture the attention of potential customers, purchasing promotion on Line is essential.

Most Effective Methods of Line Promotion

We will not discuss official advertising within the messenger, as it can be expensive and yield uncertain results. Moreover, when a business is just starting to attract customers through a new channel, the owner is typically not prepared to invest large sums of money in promotion. However, alternative PR methods can be employed to enhance key Line metrics.

The following metrics can be improved:

  • Views
  • Followers
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Likes

Line provides a news feed where you can publish articles, photos, videos, and share files. Users can also join communities and engage in collaborative blogging. By boosting the aforementioned metrics for these posts and groups, you can reap several benefits.

Consider this scenario: You are searching for an activity group and come across two options. In one community, there are 10,000 subscribers with significant likes and comments on each post. In the other, only 50 members are present, and there is no activity. Which group would you choose to follow and read posts from? Most likely, you would opt for the one with more like-minded people where you can engage in conversations and exchange experiences, rather than the empty and inactive one. The correct choice is evident.

This logic is also followed by entrepreneurs and bloggers who purchase cost-effective promotion services for their Line communities. It is crucial to give your business a strong start on a new platform so that genuine individuals interested in your products will take notice in the future.

Successful Products to Sell on Line

The success of selling products on Line depends on the target audience you choose. For example, if your target audience is Japanese, they are interested in purchasing items such as baby food, smartphones, skincare products, stationery, underwear, and sweets.

In Thailand, locals show interest in products like spices, soaps, fruit juices, silk, massage oils, herbal teas, as well as electronics, clothing, personal care products, and beauty items.

In Taiwan, popular purchases through instant messengers and websites include kitchen utensils, bags, shoes, clothing, cosmetics, toys, watches, jewelry, and more.

Line is also utilized in the United States, with a user base exceeding 3 million individuals. Although this number is not as high as Japan or Thailand, these users can still become significant customers for businesses. In terms of online shopping, popular items in the United States include Apple and Samsung smartphones, GoPro action cameras, Samsung smart TVs, FitBit activity trackers, Amazon Kindle e-readers, smart lamps, and electric toothbrushes from Philips.

Consider the products you could offer on Line and identify which audience preferences align with your offerings! By attracting your target audience and making compelling offers with marketing techniques like discounts, you can achieve success in Line trading with just a few clicks!

Where to Purchase Line Promotion Services

You can conveniently buy affordable promotion services from MRPOPULAR. This platform offers packages for purchasing followers, likes, comments, views, and shares.

To place an order, simply select the desired package, provide the link to the item or content you wish to promote, specify the amount of promotion you require, and proceed to checkout.