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Services for Telegram Promotion

Is it possible to promote yourself on Telegram?

First and foremost, we'll aim to dispel some common misconceptions about Telegram's target demographic. There are still others who believe that this messenger is only used by a tiny group of individuals since it is impossible to hack. True, but today's social networks are so clogged with meaningless visual and advertising content that people who care about the quality of their content are increasingly turning to Telegram. Telegram makes sense just for this reason. As a whole, this platform offers everything that a major social network needs. Furthermore, because the audience for instant messengers is always rising, using Telegram promotion services is becoming more relevant and promising.

However, there are a lot of peculiarities that make self-promotion on Telegram fundamentally different from how it is done on the "older" platforms. To begin with, the service lacks targeted advertising services due to the lack of a "news feed" idea. For the same reason, there is no post ranking on Telegram, therefore finding a topic is tough. Because a group can only be identified by its name, this distinguishing attribute is the most crucial. Only individuals who have been suggested to your group and have been given its contact information can subscribe to your channel.

As a result, employing Telegram promotion services requires an entirely different strategy than using large social networks. However, this platform, which is free of clutter, allows you to save and share an endless amount of files in any format, blog, and create helpful bots owing to its unique open source interface. Because the functions that software assistants do considerably improve the interaction of users with the services supplied on the channel, the latter feature is becoming increasingly relevant and popular. Telegram advertising services can help you advance much faster, but more on that later.

For now, consider some statistics that may persuade you that promoting a Telegram channel can significantly aid in the popularization of your ideas or products. We'll also share some fascinating details about the project's history, as is customary.

Telegram's origins and popularity may be traced back to its inception.

The tale of how the project came to be could be adapted into a film. Pavel Durov, the project's founder and creator of VK, Russia's most popular social network, explained in an interview how the concept for an ultra-secure messenger came about. According to Pavel, he had some issues with the authorities at the time, which was in 2011. He had to hurriedly send a message to his brother after another visit by their officials.

Given that governments enjoy reading their citizens' messages, the future founder of Telegram devised a new messenger that would prevent them from doing so. Fortunately, Pavel's brother Nikolay, who was mentioned earlier, was an amazing programmer. So, on August 14, 2013, the cross-platform instant messenger that is now so popular was born. Promotional services, of course, were not necessary at the time of their inception. However, users appreciated the idea of anonymity so much that the audience exploded, and telegram channel promotion services quickly became a requirement for many.

  • In terms of popularity, Telegram is utilized by over 200 million individuals on a monthly basis.
  • In August 2017, the daily user growth rate was 500 thousand.

There are several methods for accelerating the promotion of a Telegram channel.

Telegram does not allow you to create pages, as previously indicated. But don't be disappointed if you were hoping to promote your product using this multipurpose messenger. You build a channel for this purpose, and then you employ Telegram promotion services to acquire followers. This method of improving a product's recognizability has one undeniable advantage: it reaches the target demographic. If, for example, 10-15% of your Facebook followers view your post, that figure is close to 95% among your Telegram followers. As a result, Telegram promotion services appear to be really beneficial. Now for the details.

The significance of choosing a name was already mentioned at the outset of this piece. We'll merely add that users who select the appropriate category from the list will be the first to view the name that best fits their requirements. As a result, make every effort to match the search criteria as closely as possible. All you need is a name that is correct, specific, and appropriately reflects the group's point of view. Then your promotion will go off without a hitch.

Size of the post. Long texts are assumed to be unappealing to your followers in the messenger format. They'll probably read a few lines before shifting their focus to more easily consumable stuff. As a result, if you understand how to write snappy and appealing initial lines, Telegram promotion services would be beneficial. And only when the text is between 500 and 600 characters long. Use the following strategy if you have an urgent need to tell a lengthy story: use third-party resources to publish the article or use Telegraph, a service designed by the messenger creators specifically for long messages.

But don't overlook the description that will appear on your Telegram subscribers' smartphones. These lines should be prioritized for their catchiness and attractiveness. Using Telegram promotion services makes sense only if these prerequisites are met. The frequency with which you post. Because the "messenger format" restricts the frequency of posts, your promotion is heavily reliant on the amount of posts you make per day. It should be in between "the channel is dead, and I should unfollow" and "I'm sick of the spam, and I should unfollow." If you post at least once every two days and no more than three times per day, Telegram promotion will be effective. According to the "gurus" in the field of user psychology for this fantastic messenger, this is the best balance.

Telegram promotion services are being used to grow the audience. There aren't many options for doing this, but they all work. First and foremost, obtain the phone numbers of your potential followers at all costs. This can be accomplished through other social media platforms or in some other manner. All you have to do now is invite them to join the group. Of certainly, if they use the message. Second, consider using Telegram's mutual promotion feature. To do so, select the groups that are most relevant to your topic and agree to promote the channel among their members. Of course, not for free.

Promotion with MRPOPULAR

Catalogs that are grouped together. Make sure your group is listed in as many catalogs as possible. Telegram catalogs are websites that organize groups into categories. It's simple to locate them. Look them up on the internet. It will be difficult to use Telegram promotion services without them. Promote your channel on various social media sites. Your channel marketing will move more quickly if you have a significant number of followers on other social media platforms. It is sufficient to include a link to the channel in a well-written article.

Supergroups are places where you may talk about anything. On Telegram, there are so-called supergroups, which allow users to communicate in a chat style. The use of advertising posts in these groups for promotion is highly efficient. However, you will have to bargain with the moderators, possibly for money. Yes, quick promotion is not free!

In MRPOPULAR, we use every single one of the tools listed above. With us, Telegram promotion services will appear to you as a low-cost but high-interest attraction, with the thrill stemming from the continuously increasing number of your followers. The marketing of your ideas or goods is the latter.